Exinda is part of the GFI Software portfolio. 

Exinda Network Orchestrator is an easy-to-use solution that guarantees the necessary level of performance of critical IT services, monitors network traffic, and instantly diagnoses and resolves network issues. 

Recognized with numerous awards, the product combines these features: 


Real time analytics


Intelligent mechanism suggesting recommendations to follow as based on traffic analysis


Traffic shaping


Bandwidth monitoring


WAN optimization

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Manage network performance by focusing on the

user experience of key applications

Exinda Network Orchestrator gives Network professionals and IT Executives the at a glance visibility and intelligent recommendations to track network performance in real time and quickly take action to ensure exceptional network quality to their users. 

See the network from the user’s perspective

  • Real-time network monitoring gives full understanding of the performance of organization’s important applications 

  • Easy-to-use dashboards helps to identify network use, traffic bottlenecks and problem areas 

  • Cuts complaints and boosts satisfaction by solving network and application issues before they happen

Control network traffic & applications

  • Identify most important applications as well as unsanctioned applications that may be stealing the bandwidth

  • Prioritize how and when specific users, applications, and web sites can consume bandwidth on the network

  • Draw on a library of pre-built reports designed to address the most important problems Network Managers can ever face

  • Model and interact with data to better understand the health of the network

Improve application performance

  • Ensure key business applications both on-premise or in the cloud always deliver the best user experience

  • Use data acceleration and caching capabilities to guarantee business applications always perform at their best

  • Stay one step ahead with the Exinda Recommendation Engine. By studying network patterns and trends Exinda can automatically make suggestions to repair issues and improve network performance

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Moving from Blue Coat PacketShaper to Exinda Network Orchestrator

See why Exinda is the ideal alternative for Symantec/Blue Coat PacketShaper. Exinda Network Orchestrator is a price comparable alternative for End-of-Life Symantec/Blue Coat PacketShaper customers. 


Exinda Network Orchestrator main features:

  • Complete view of network traffic for all users, applications, devices and locations with ability to analyze;
  • Visualization of applications and users;
  • Detection of problems before their occur and automatic suggestions for their elimination
  • Increase in employee productivity by accelerating the work of critical applications

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