We are pleased to have co-exhibited at the Nordic IT security with Acunetix. This event has become the most recognised and influential cyber security business forum in Scandinavia. The 12th Annual Nordic IT Security is the only place in the Nordics for C-level IT security professionals from both private and public sector to meet, converse and form their strategies for the year ahead. Over the previous 11 editions the Nordic IT Security Forum has created a vast community of thought leaders who share their experience with others. Here is a quick interview with the CEO from QBS Laknova –Leonid Khorosko- and Acunetix international development manager, Ashley Speight.

What made you choose this event?

LEO: When we were looking for suitable event which will fit everyone’s security protection Nordic IT Security Event was the very first and only event we were looking at. It was exactly what we were looking for in terms of helping our partner to build awareness in the Nordic market. A lot of productive conversations and meetings took place and we have no doubts that this event is vital for IT Security business in Nordic.

What made you want to exhibit at this event?

Ashley: The event is security focused and we fit into a lot of the sectors that the event covers. Being a major player in the application security testing market, we felt that we could have a big impact on the Nordic audience and advance the security levels of Scandinavian customers.
Having never exhibited in Sweden before, we saw it as a prime opportunity for the Scandinavian market to experience the solutions that we have to offer first hand.

Which of the main focus areas suit most for your business and why?

Ashley: Cybersecurity and network security because our primary focus is on the discovery of web application vulnerabilities and the finding of network vulnerabilities. Our main focus is web application security testing and the finding of vulnerabilities in real time. Being one of the first to market with a scanner of this type, we have vast experience in the discovery of vulnerabilities found over HTTP and HTTPS. In addition to our web application security testing solution we also have additional functionality with our network scanner which will look for TCP/IP related vulnerabilities.

LEO: Cyber Security, Data Protection since this is where all IT world is moving right now. Main part of our partners are interested in everything related with Cybersecurity so this became our main focus as well.

What’s your opinion about Data Protection and how does Acunetix implement to eliminate data breach?

Ashley: The protection of data is a requirement for every single person in this data driven world. The amount of data that is held on people by companies is phenomenal and needs protecting at all costs in order to maintain strong credibility as a company and to also abide by the laws of handing the data. Acunetix fits into the software development lifecycle in order to find, fix and prevent vulnerabilities that allow for the stealing of data prior to the application even making it into production. If your site is already running in a live environment, not a problem. We can run continuous scans to ensure that your web application is free from vulnerabilities even in the live environment. Free your site from vulnerabilities and you will mitigate the risk of having a breach. Continuously monitor for those vulnerabilities and they will never even surface.

What are the top trend requests around IT security from your partners?

LEO: A lot of partners were interested in Web Security and Web Applications Security solutions. Which is why this event was perfect both for us as a distributor and for our partner Acunetix who is leading in this segment over the last years.

What would you highlight as a key takeaway from the event?

Leo: There was a good balance of StartUps and very well established companies. Overall atmosphere was very friendly which made it very easy to start any discussion in the event.

Ashley: We got to meet a lot of customers that know of Acunetix but didn’t know the full functionality of the solution. The conversations were a very positive sign from the Nordic market with a clear indication of interest amongst various verticals. We are extremely happy with the outcome of the meeting and look forward to working with the various companies that we met during the conference.

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